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Games And House Design For Dwarf Rabbits

RRP $15.99

Instructive how-to photos on every page complement this idea-packed handbook for owners of pet dwarf rabbits. These tiny creatures are not only warm, furry, and cuddly; they also readily respond to training and are capable of learning many tricks. Author Esther Schmidt describes a variety of games and pastimes that can add up to great fun for both rabbits and their owners. She also presents--

  • Photo-illustrated construction plans for both simple and elaborate rabbit housing
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for making rabbits' toys for both indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Ideas for making rabbit beds, baskets . . . and much more

    Games and House Design for Dwarf Rabbits is a title in Barron's brand-new Games and House Design series of idea books that encourage bonding between animal lovers and their pets. All books in this series focus on ways to create an optimal environment for your pet while emphasizing the many joys that come with pet ownership. The books are filled with color photos on most pages, sidebar tips, and construction diagrams.

  • Big Quiet House

    RRP $15.95

    This story opens with "There once was a man whose house was very small," and it continues, "It was cluttered with things from wall to wall." With a tiny, cluttered house, giggling children, and a snoring wife, the poor man can't get a good night's sleep. If only, he thinks, I had a big quiet house! He throws off his covers and goes to visit the wise old woman at the edge of the village. Surely she can help him solve his problem. And she does, but not without giving him some very unusual advice. Bring a chicken into your house, she suggests. And when that doesn't work, she has him add a goat, a horse, a cow, and even a sheep. The ending of the story proves, as so many ancient folktales do, that quite often, nonsense makes the best sense of all. Susan Greenstein's bold illustrations white pencil on black surface with watercolor - carry the reader through the warm interiors and peaceful nights of the shtetls of Eastern Europe."

    The Tiny House Revolution

    RRP $13.99

    Living Large in Small Spaces Homeownership is the "American dream," and it's quite apparent that we are comfortable with dreaming big. Americans have always built the largest homes on the planet. Recently, however, there has been a quiet undercurrent bucking that trend. Some have questioned what all of this extra space is really buying us (apart from a larger mortgage). Some among us are wondering if there isn't a better way of living out there. The Tiny House Revolution Inside, you'll learn all about Tiny Houses and the lifestyle that comes with them. Learn "What You Need versus What You want. Explore the Benefits of Living Small. Discover the 9 Ways a Tiny House Can Change Your Life. You'll find all that, and so much more. Written by Amazon Best-Selling author Michael Holtby, The Tiny House Revolution opens up a whole new way of living: smart, economical and revolutionary!

    A Tiny Bit Marvellous

    RRP $22.95

    Everyone hates the perfect family.
    So you'll love the Battles.

    Meet Mo Battle, about to turn 50 and mum to two hormonal teenagers. There's 17-year-old daughter Dora who blames Mo for, like, EVERYTHING and Peter who believes he's quite simply as marvellous as his hero Oscar Wilde. Somewhere, keeping quiet, is Dad, who's just, well . . . Dad.

    However, Mo is having a crisis. She's about to do something unusually wild and selfish, which will leave the entire family teetering on the edge of a precipice. Will the family fall? Or will they, when it really matters, be there for each other?

    'Funny, really enjoyable, highly recommended. A wonderful writer – witty, wise, poignant'
    Wendy Holden

    'A fantastic slam-dunk page-turner. Funny, enriching . . . page after page I laughed out loud'
    Mail on Sunday

    'Beautifully observed. Makes you laugh on every page'
    The Times

    'A brilliantly observed, very funny novel of family life'
    Woman & Home

    About The Author

    Dawn French has been making people laugh for thirty years. On purpose. As a writer, comedian and actor, she has appeared in some of this country's most long running, cherished and celebrated shows, including French and Saunders, The Comic Strip Presents ..., Murder Most Horrid, The Vicar of Dibley, Jam and Jerusalem, Lark Rise to Candleford and more recently, Roger and Val Have Just Got In.

    Her bestselling memoir, Dear Fatty, was published to critical acclaim in 2008. A Tiny Bit Marvellous is without a doubt her first novel.

    A Dollhouse To Die For

    RRP $15.99

    Daisy Buchanan thinks of her shop, Sometimes a Great Notion, as more than just a business. For her, it's a haven of vintage sewing notions and other treasures, excellent coffee, and camaraderie. But when an antique dollhouse provokes some bizarre behavior on the part of a customer, Daisy makes it her business to find out what secrets are hidden behind its tiny doors?

    At an estate auction, Daisy is delighted to find the perfect present for a young girl she knows?a charming dollhouse in need of restoration. But when local collector Harriet Kunes tries to strong-arm Daisy into selling it, she's in for a shocking?and deadly?surprise.

    After an intruder breaks in and tries to steal the dollhouse, Daisy wonders why everyone has developed such an obsession over it. As she builds her collection of clues, she suspects that the miniature Victorian holds the key to a second unsolved murder, and soon she stumbles across much more than she bid on?

    Includes creative tips for vintage notions!


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